TTB is currently engaged in renovating its building to minister more effectively to families, children, and individuals by creating several safer, more practical, and family friendly areas. We believe that to be good stewards of the building and resources God has intrusted to us, we need to maximize our current space to prevent unnecessary spending to accommodate expected growth. This will result in more of our funds continuing to go to support Mission & Outreach efforts. It will also give us a Solid Children’s Facilty to tell lost families about as we begin to reach out to those in the nearby area.

With the help of the body of Christ, we have begun and hope to accomplish the following:

Outer Court

The Outer Court is a multi purpose use space that we’ve added as a resource for Missions, Youth, & Special Ministry. Already we’ve allowed Missionaries to use it without cost to help raise needed funds for Missions.


The Court Yard (Play Ground / Rec Area)

The Play Ground / Rec Area will be built just outside the Outer Court and is accessible only from within the Outer Court. It is a 2200 square foot outdoor area that we hope to utilize for ministry to area youth, special events, & children’s activities.


New Children’s Ministry Area

We are currently building 4 new children’s classrooms, including a New Nursery, Toddlers Class, Elementary 1 Class, and a Multi Purpose Area for use as a Class for Elementary 2 and as a Fellowship Area. We’re also creating a Children’s Ministry Office / Resource Room, and a Secure Check-in Counter.

New Sanctuary

We are working on completing a new Sanctuary with additional Mezzanine seating Our goal is to maximize the use of our buildings’ square footage in order to allow for growth without spending more to acquire another building before we truly need to.

Safe Zone

We hope to enhance the area directly in front of our building with fencing, bollards, benches, awnings, & small kids equipment to increase visibility and safety. The goal is to better protect families, while they fellowship outside of the building after services.

To give specifically to any of these areas, click the link at top of page and designate your gift accordingly.