His Call International is a ministry of the Tabernacle of Tampa Bay (TTB) led by Missionaries, Jason and Nickel White.

Currently, His Call is working in Nicaragua, where it has founded a ministry home to reach the lost and hurting population along the pacific coast of Nicaragua.
His Call was instrumental in planting a church in 2018. The Tabernacle of San Juan del Sur, (pastored by Willie Ardon, a gautemalan native) has flourished by God’s Grace through the missional endeavors of His Call and the support and oversight of TTB.
Jason and Nickel continue to deploy for 6 to 10 weeks at a time, serving in the ministry home and helping the Nicaraguan church reach further into surrounding communities such as Papayal and Rivas.

His Call is thankful for the grace-driven support of its many partners, and it’s Amazing Lord Jesus Christ, apart from whom it could do nothing.
As an auxiliary of TTB, His Call has the accountability of an elder board, non-for-profit status and financial integrity.
For more information on His Call missions, contact Jason White at hiscall3@gmail.com or call 727-533-Tabb and leave a message.